Quikgrow Product Range

Quikgrow Compost and other Soils

Make a habit of adding Quikgrow compost to the soil each planting season because it is so rich in nutrients and promotes plant growth. Composting is a natural process of recycling organic material such as leaves and vegetable scraps into a rich soil amendment that gardeners fondly nickname “Black Gold”.

We sell to most of the nurseries in and around Cape Town, and also do private deliveries for a minimum of 40 bags.
Compost15 dm3 bags
30 dm3 bags
Potting Soil5 dm3 bags
15 dm3 bags
30 dm3 bags
Bark Chips30 dm3 bags
60 dm3 bags
Milled Bark30dm3 bags
Lawn Dressing30dm3 bags
Organic Mulch30 dm3 bags
60 dm3 bags
Course Mulch60 dm3 bags
Rose & Shrub mix30 dm3 bags
Kraal Manure30 dm3 bags
Mushroom Compost30 dm3 bags

Quikgrow is a registered compost falling under the group 2 Fertilizer Act. All prices include delivery within specified areas, but exclude VAT. Minimum order 40 bags.

Potting Soil: this is purely for pots and planters and is also known as potting mix or potting compost. Potting Soil is a medium in which to grow plants, herbs and vegetables in a pot or any other container.

Bark Chips: these are mainly used for decoration in around pot plants, driveways, pathways and steps etc. but also help maintain great moisture content in the soil.

Milled Bark: This is a specialized mix of very fine bark and is used as a growing medium for seedlings and other plants.

Lawn Dressing: A nutrient rich mix used in gardens for leveling and feeding lawns.

Organic Mulch: Mulch is a layer of organic or inorganic material that is spread out over the soil to protect against erosion and conserve the soils moisture content.

Course Mulch: Course mulch is THE best bark to keep the weeds out of your garden and the moisture in! When you put the bark on at least 10 cm (4″) deep you will save yourself hours of weeding. This product is the most cost effective also!!

Rose and Shrub Mix: It is ideal for a soil replacement in those sandier gardens and works well in beds, under grass or for general planting.

Kraal Manure: Conventional fertilizer can be awkward and expensive to transport. Kraal manure is a useful alternative. Kraal Manure is brilliant for Vegetable growing.

Mushroom compost Mushroom compost (also referred to as “mushroom soil”) has become a popular organic soil amendment for the establishment and maintenance of lawns and sports fields, gardens, agricultural and horticultural crops and with land reclamation projects.